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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Uploading Problem


      Every time I try to upload a video to Youtube it stops right after the rendering stage and in the beginning of the upload stage. I always have to attempt 3 or 4 times before it actually works. I upload twice a week so this is super inconvenient for me. I have Adobe Premiere Elements 1

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Experience varies.  Uploading directly to YouTube from inside Premier Elements has multiple variables including Premier Elements itself, internet connections and YouTube reception.  A hiccup in any one of those and everything comes to a halt. 


          I find video life less frustrating to break it into two steps.  First, publish your video to a file using Publish > Computer > AVCHD > Preset of "YouTube Wide Screen HD".   Then use YouTube's uploader. 


          Besides having more control, you get a chance to preview the finished product before your audience does!


          Good luck!