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    Would the  HP Pavilion X360 11-K102TU be able to run after effects?


      I am trying to find computers that can run after effects that are under $600AUD. I found this one. Will it work? Please help

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Extremely poorly. That Celeron N3050 is no good for editing/rendering at all to begin with since it is not based on any known good laptop or desktop CPU (it is, in fact, much more like an Intel Atom CPU than a Haswell or Skylake CPU since all of the N-series Celerons and Pentiums use the Atom's architecture rather than the i3's architecture). The 4GB of RAM is woefully insufficient to do anything at all whatsoever in AE. Add to those problems the molasses-slow hard drive, and you'd end up throwing that laptop out of a 110th-story skyscraper window after just one project of very short video. (And yes, I really mean that.) As such, it performs hundreds of times slower than even a mediocre consumer desktop or a good laptop, let alone a fast huge workstation. (As in, you would need hours just to even render a few seconds worth of video content.)


          All this is because the AUD is worth only about 70 percent that of the USD. In other words, that laptop costs the equivalent of about $350 to $400 USD, which is too high for a laptop with the specs of a $250 to $300 USD laptop spld in the US (although to be fair, AUS resellers have an even bigger markup compared to US resellers). You generally need to spend about $2,000 AUD or more just to get a laptop that's even minimally acceptable for AE.