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    InDesign CS6 Table Styles not fully formatted on creation

    donindallas Level 1

      Platform = windows 7, Adobe InDesign CS6 (8.0), novice user.


      I am trying to implement some easily reusable 1 row, 2 column tables for chapter headings. Having read what I can about how table/cell styles work I have the following items defined to work together:

      TitleTable - specifies the space before and after on the page

           - includes LeftCell for the left column and RightCell for the right column (these are Cell Style definitions)

      LeftCell - specifies cell fill (green) and stroke (none), and center vertically

           - includes Chapnum paragraph style (for color and size of text)

      RightCell - specifies cell fill (blue) and stroke (none), and center vertically

           - includes ChapTitle paragraph style (for white font color and point size)



      If I use Table > Insert table to initiate I get a table that is equal widths for both columns. Nothing in these definitions allows me to specify column width or row height as part of the style.

      My workaround is a simple paragraph style with a TAB at the position of the would-be column break (2").

      I type in "Left \tab Right" and use Table>Convert Text to table, then specify use my TitleTable format.


      I get the proper column width, the cell style colors, but the paragraph styles don't make it through. the cells just have a [none]+ cell style in them.


      Am I asking too much of the one text to table conversion?