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    Adobe Raw


      I think I am going crazy!

      In Adobe Camera Raw, i set my 21 5D Mark II as a 50 megapixel camera,, and it looks great on my IMac 27in monitor, it has the size and to me comparable as the 21,, each had resolution set at 200.


      Also, if I open my 21mp with resolution at 72 0r 96, i get much bigger of a picture, then in PS, I just up the resolution there and it is very nice also.


      so why should I not just set it at 50 mp camera and set resolution at 200?

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          tncannon Level 1

          What I am trying to figure out, and all can try this on your PC's, I have PSCS6, Adobe raw version 9.1.1, i can open my 21mp file at 96 or 300 resolution, and change it to a 50 mp image at 96 or 300+resolution or dpi,, the sensor is ppi, I am just thinking if the camera raw is mmm, adding more pixels are in the image by copying/duplicating to the closet color, they both look great when you go down even to the pixel or far away,,, or if it is my IMac 27 in monitor allowing me to see the quality,, can't print it out right now(printer is down)


          this is from the 5dmarkII for an adfurniture fair truck.jpg