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      I am having two audio-related problems in the latest version of AE:


      First, when rendering a timeline that includes audio to the Animation codec, I am not getting audio on my finished clip. The output module is set to the default Best Settings / Lossless. This includes a setting for "Audio Output Auto" which is supposed to output audio in the timeline has it. But this does not happen. I have to switch each clip to "Audio Output: On" to get audio in my rendered QuickTime movies.


      Second: Where did the preview audio here forward menu item go to? It looks like the UI people are trying to "train" us users to use the preview window (and maybe turn off the eye). I don't want to do it this way. I want to keep my preview set for work area only, and then use the "Play Audio From Here Forward" to detect where an audio cue hits. I think I know why you removed this useful menu item, but I do not like it.


      If Adobe does not monitor this board, can helpful sole tell me the email address for adobe after effects bug reports?