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    Too much GPU for a laptop ?


      Hi everyone,


      I am looking to buy a new laptop to use with adobe premiere.

      I mainly use 5d mark iii footage but I am planing on buying a Sony a7sii or Sony FS5 and edit mainly in 1080p


      I also do a lot of lightroom photo edit with raw files from the 5d mark iii as well as some photoshop edits.


      I need a laptop/ desktop replacement because I live on a small island and shipping can be complicated and I might need to move.


      I have read some posts mentioning that having too much GPU or too much ram is useless if your CPU isn' t really in the same range of power.


      Let me explain, I have been looking at this very powerful gaming laptop from MSI:



      • 18.4" FHD Matte Screen
      • Intel® Skylake i7-6920HQ
      • 2 x NVIDIA® GTX 980 [8GB] (not desktop conterpart with same power)
      • Up to 64GB RAM
      • 2 x 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD
      • 2+ Hours / 9.90 lbs
      • 3D Score: 51,344 [Vantage]


      Would the two GTX980 be useless or will I gain by having two GTX980 instead of one only ?

      I also read that they are in SLI mode in default and I read that premiere doesn' t handle SLI very good.

      Can the SLI mode be remove easily and can premiere pro or lightroom benefit from having 2 GTX 980 ?


      Let me know your thoughts on this.



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i think premiere is the only adobe app that uses dual gpu's. so you may want to scale down to 1 video card.

          the gtx 980m would be a good card for that cpu. if in premiere, you plan on doing lots of gpu effects, lumetri color, and plugins like neat video, the gtx 980 (desktop version) will have alot more power to run those.

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            jeremiet11310785 Level 1

            Thanks for your answer,


            In premiere I do a lot of lumetri, wrap stabilizer and and time remapping with maybe the new option in premiere which smooth out the slowmotion haven' t updated yet)


            You are saying Premiere is the only app that uses dual gpu, so would the Titan laptop with two GTX80 be good for premiere ?


            THanks again

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              its always better to use a single gpu, unless the second is needed. dual cpu or gpu have overhead to make two work as one, and looses some performance from that.


              if you are doing just a few gpu effects and lumetri, a single gtx 980m should be enough for HD projects. a single gtx 980 (desktop version) would be better for 4k projects. alot of people on these threads find the gtx 970 desktop card is enough for their 4k projects.

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                jeremiet11310785 Level 1

                Ok thanks for that,


                I will certainly go with the laptop that has the single GTX980 then as I am planing on working with 4k soon as well when purchasing the FS5.