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    How to download last mobile-sync version of Catalog?



      My harddisk died and I discovered that backup (RAID1) was not working for last 5 months. I have all my photos on another drive. I just lost my LR Catalog, but it was synched with Mobile, how can I get it back?


      I run LR and it asks me to create a new catalog or choose one local. Ok I create a new one, than I go to "Sync with LR mobile" and it says:

      Delete all synched data? You are currently synching 1.lrcat....


      Perfect, so I am syncing it, but how can I retrieve it? I was trying to find a solution for the whole day, now I saw that an update of LR has arrived, so I installed it: Lightroom version: CC 2015.4 [ 1060496 ]


      And now I am not able to open "Preferences", LR crashes.


      Hope there is a way to restore my catalog from sync...


      Thank you!