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    problems with tone curve


      hi all


      where can i put manuell values like that

      RGB:0/27, 21/30, 81/80, 100/84

      Red:7/0, 52/51, 100/100

      Green: 0/1, 100/94

      Blue: 0/10, 28/33, 69/67, 100/93 (picture attached)


      in the tone curve?


      thanks a lot



      Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-30 um 12.55.42.png

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          dj_paige Level 9

          The tone curve in Lightroom operates via mouse movements. You cannot input numbers to the tone curve.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            When you have the "Point" curve optioned- (click on the point curve icon- bottom right)

            You can click on the curve to "Set" a point.

            When you hold the cursor clicked on a set point you will see the from/to percentage coordinates at the top of the tone curve box.

            For example to set 81/80  click a Set point and move it on the curve until you see 81.0/80.0 %  at the top- as in this screen clip- (it shows 82.4 / 80.0 % )

            I have set the four RGB points similar to your values in your screen-clip.-



            (Error in this screen-clip above!!! the Channel selection does not appear if your are developing a PSD file!)

            For a RAW, TIF or JPG the Channel selection is visible-


            To set the individual Color channel curves-

            First open the  drop-down menu beside [Channel :] to select the color channel, then repeat the procedure to set points to the wanted values. Repeat for each color channel- Red Blue Green.


            eg. this is BLUE point 69/67  (The curve shows 69.4 / 66.7 % )


            When you have set all the values in the example in your post- the first step should be to save a Tone Curve Preset and your settings will be easily re-producible.

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              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Previous post deleted-I thought you were trying to enter 0-255 RGB values. Sorry for any confusion!


              In addition to

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional
                holding the SHIFT key locks the curve point X axis value

                Thanks trshaner,

                I learn something new every day.


                And holding [ALT]- makes the mouse movement much finer for more accurate positioning of the set point.

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                  carmeni72280659 Level 1

                  hey gusys thank you all so much