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      When ever i render out my project file ( template for intros by PushedToInsanity ) It doesnt render correctly i don't know if its me or its him it just wont finish rendering. And if it does render it skips frams sort of like a cartoon with no walk animation they would be hopping everywhere sort of like lagging. But im not lagging for my software im using Cinema4D and Adobe after effects CS6. Ill give you the link and please try to run some tests with this file to see if its compatible or not:  http://www.mediafire.com/download/56zx5yq45czp0h5/FREE+Sync+Exlosion+Intro+Template.zip           I have tried everything redownloading it (both softwares ) and the project file but same error please someone please tell me im not the only one with this problem! And if its just me and you have run some tests please tell me how to fix the problem! He gave a tutorial on how to install the project file and make everything work the way its supposed to but i followed ever step and didnt work ( this isnt the first time this has happened ).