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    Upgrading Lightroom 3



        Can anyone please tell me where and at what price in the uk I can get an upgrade from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 6 without being bombarded with Creative Cloud with which I am not interested, as good as it obviously is.

            Kind regards

                 Colin D

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          At the bottom of the main Adobe web page there is a link that reads "Products". Click on that then find Lightroom in the list. Click on that link then the BUY button and then change from Full to Upgrade. Pay, Download, Install, Look for email from Adobe containing the serial number for V6, Have your LR 3 serial number handy.


          When starting LR 6 for the first time it will ask you to Sign In. Sign In with an Adobe ID that is not associated with a subscription plan and a dialog will pop up asking for a serial number. Enter the LR 6 serial you got in the email from Adobe then it will ask for a previous version serial number. Enter your LR 3 serial number.

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            colind72783701 Level 1

            Many thanks for your quick reply. I shall go and investigate straight away.

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              Can anyone help.  I'm trying to do exactly what the original post asks.  I've done it on 3 other computers, but this time all I get is a box telling me my account is associated with GB, and I need to have it associated with US.  FAQs don't help - the answer you come up with is to buy a subscription ( which I don't want).  The 2 on-line chats I've had with Adobe have been a waste of time too.

              Has anyone got any idea what is happening, please?  Thanks.