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    Which is better while using Premiere Pro Mac or PC?


      Hi there. Im a videographer who uses Premiere Pro, After Effects. Nowadays im looking for a new computer which can help me for my every need about my job. Of course i have a limited budget around 2000$. Using this budget what should i buy? My options are 21inch 2015 iMac or PC which costs the same with iMac. That PC could have some features. Im writing them below.




      21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display                                              PC Desktop           

      3.1GHz Processor                                                                                                                  İntel i7 Skylake 6700K 4.00 Ghz

      1TB Storage                                                                                                                           Asus GTX 970 4GB 256Bit  Gpu

      • 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor                                                                                    16GB DDR4 Ram 2.600 Mhz
      • Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
      • 8GB of onboard memory, configurable up to 16GB
      • 1TB hard drive1
      • Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200
      • Retina 4K 4096-by-2304 P3 display


      Thank you for your answers.


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          cc_merchant Level 4

          your comparison is undecipherable, but generally for the same price, you get about twice the power from a PC, compared to Mac.

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            sameteruzun Level 1

            What do you mean while saying undecipherable?

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              this forum is primarily windows users, so you may see that in the responses.


              OS vs OS platform, there have been several problems lately with adobe's software that are mac exclusive. probably not enough to be a deal breaker for mac's, as the amount of bugs in adobe's software on either platform is already high. at least on mac you have the option for fcpx when pp isn't working.


              for mac's, if you don't already have a 4k/5k monitor and want one, the imac price can come close to some pc's. also, unless your projects are small, the mac will most likely require external storage, which can get expensive. samsung makes some usb ssd drives, if they are large enough for your projects may help avoid costly thunderbolt raid boxes. the 23.5 inch imac does not come with a good enough cpu or graphics chip. so if you plan on using this computer for premiere, you will have to look at the 27 inch imac's. the 27" imac with an i7, 16gb memory, 256gb flash drive (ssd), and amd gpu are $2600+. if you plan on doing 4k video, it would be recommended to upgrade even further to the amd R9 M395X 4gb amd gpu. i think the memory on the 27" is still upgradable. if that's right you can upgrade it yourself to save money, or upgrade later if/when needed. if your budget is strict $2000 or even under $2500, mac not be an option as it may cost closer to $3k with storage. the only chance you may have for a good $2k mac is to find one used.


              for pc, if your budget is strict $2k, then you will have more options with pc to get a better performing computer for your money. if you need a monitor, the 4k monitors will be anywhere from $500-$1k+, depending on the quality and features. most pc's with an intel i7 4 core, good memory and graphics may cost around $1200+. for $1500 its possible to get some basic pc's with 6 core i7 cpu's, also possible to make that budget with building it yourself. if you don't need a monitor, or can do with a  cheap 1080p/1440p monitor, then you can spend alot more on a pc and should be easier to get a 6 core system and possibly even some storage. pc's also allow for nvidia video cards which work a bit better with premiere than amd cards. if you aren't planning on doing 4k editing, you can get a gtx 960 4gb card and put that extra $100 into another part like more storage. dell and lenovo pc's are to be avoided, they are/were loading extra software on their computers that make them vulnerable to cyber attacks. hp has some computers in their Phoenix models that are ok prices, but sometimes limited configurations. there are also custom built pc sellers available, but i don't know which ones are good to recommend one.

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                RjL190365 Level 5

                sameteruzun wrote:


                What do you mean while saying undecipherable?

                What cc_merchant meant was that the iMac has way inferior (read: worse, poorer) hardware specs compared to a Windows build at that same price.


                First, the i5 CPUs are capable of only four processing threads versus the eight processing threads of a Skylake i7.

                Second, the integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics is only about as fast as the slowest of the current-generation discrete GPUs when MPE GPU acceleration (OpenCL or CUDA) is enabled. Only about as fast as a CUDA-enabled GeForce 820M 64-bit DDR3 version, in my testing.


                Third, you failed to mention what power supply, storage or display the PC build is going to have. Without a power supply, storage or a display, your planned PC build will be completely unusable.