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    Is anyone using Ink & Slide with iPad Pro or current iPad Air2?

    digeratti Level 1

      The larger iPad Pro would seem to be ideally suited for use with ink & slide but the Adobe website and tutorials only lists older model iPads as "compatible"?


      Is anyone using Ink & side with the larger (8"x10") iPad Pro?


      If so, what apps do you use ink and slide with on this larger device?


      I've already tried the original apps (using my fingers, alone) and they work but are buggy on the iPad Pro.


      I'm also interested to hear if anyone is using Ink & Slide with the current, iPad Air 2?


      I've checked the Adobe compatibility model number checker for both of the above and it says they are NOT compatible?


      Have ink and slide been abandoned or will the apps be updated and work with the currently available iPad models sometime in the future?


      Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this!

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          kirker Level 4

          Hey digeratti,

          Unfortunately, Ink & Slide is not fully compatible with either of those models. I apologize for the frustrating experience, I know that's not what you wanted to hear. As for the iPad Pro, the best stylus to use would be the Apple Pencil with Photoshop Sketch or Illustrator Draw. I see you've noted that you experience bugs when using just your fingers. Please let me know what bugs you are facing when you use touch input instead of a stylus.