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    since automatic windows 10 update lightroom cc not working any more




      on thursday I had an automatic update for windows 10.

      Afterwards i wanted to start LR CC and PS CC, but both said they can not open, because "MSVCP110.dll" is missing.

      After installing the missing file Photoshop seems to work correctly. But not Lightroom.

      I can't open it. By clicking on the icon (desktop shortcut and App-list) just nothing happens. There is no error report, no failure is shown - nothing happens.

      I already uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom, but still it is not working anymore.


      What can I do?


      Thanks for your support! Greetings from Cologne






      My System:

      Windows 10 Home 1511

      Intel Core i7 2,5 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, 64 bit, Intel HD Graphics 520, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M