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    MarioMari Level 1

      Please add layers and select and cut and paste and resize selection.



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          Layers are coming to Sketch pretty soon.


          You can copy and paste an image between canvases by tapping on the Share icon in the top nav then tapping Copy to Clipboard. When you open another canvas, tap the Image icon in the top nav and from the menu that opens tap Paste Image. Once you paste the image on another canvas, you'll see a Transform icon (a four-way arrow) that will enable you to resize whatever image you've pasted.


          Let me know if that helps.



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            KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

            Layers would be AWESOME.  The workaround for copy/paste is good, but it doesn't keep the layers discreet (and all of the transformations that might be possible with that).


            To keep the layers separate, save multiple/individual Sketches as PSD to Creative Cloud. 

            In Photoshop CC, you can import and edit each of those sketches in Photoshop CC with transparency.

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              MarioMari Level 1

              Thank you for that answer. However, waiting for the update to Adobe, I will use another application, or get used to it and will and hard to get back to Adobe

              Your answer is one price.

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