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    How to Create a Mac Executable From Flash CC




      I have been trying to create a Mac executable (.app) from a Flash file that I created using Flash CC. I am naive when it comes to Macs (just got one of my own for testing purposes) and have looked around for solutions but haven't resolved the issue yet. I am not having issues with the Windows .exe; just having problems with the Mac version of the executable.


      I have an iMac (OS X El Capitan 10.11.2) and will receive a prompt such as "PowerPC app no longer supported" when trying to open the .app file. I had a couple other users who have Macs try the same and they would receive a different prompt stating that the file cannot be opened. Also, when trying to download this file from the Chrome browser, I get a malware warning saying it isn't safe to download.


      I have tried creating this executable on both Windows and Mac but no such luck. Would anyone please offer some insight?


      Thank you.