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    Delete several lines of text?


      Using Acrobat 9 Pro...wondering if there's a way to delete more than one line of text at a time. (I have an Excel file I've converted to .pdf, and I need to delete what was a column in the Excel file...but so far, the only way I can do this is to individually delete each line.)

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi jcm48,


          Acrobat 9 is really an old version & no more supported by Adobe so it won't be possible to replicate it at my end.

          However, go to Edit mode try selecting multiple lines holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard & then hit the delete button, check if it works.



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            jcm48 Level 1

            Thanx for the info, Meenakshi...unfortunately, this won't work with my version of Acrobat.   I'd like to upgrade to a newer version (I'm an instructor at a college, and frequently receive .pdf files from students) but even at educator prices, the best I can find is $118...and that's just too rich for my budget. Thanx anyway.