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    audio lost on publish

    melanierayagain Level 1
      I am publishing a 7221 Kb cp file as a flash standalone on windows XP running captivate 3.0.1. The third slide has about 57 seconds of audio. When I preview in captivate from cp file the audio is complete. When I work on the audio it is complete. When I publish as swf audio is gone after half the slide although the slide still continues for the same amount of time as though it were playing...Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour and how can I get it to stop it...at best without rerecording the audio.

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          GeekyGirlRex Level 1
          Is there something else on that particular slide that could be "stepping on" the audio? For example, is there a button on the slide that you might need to adjust the active/inactive timing for?

          You might try creating a new blank slide and copying the sound to it and see if it is affected there. That would help point you in the right direction.