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    Determining the file name for a Javascript Button icon ?

    DHeadrick Level 1



      Some time ago, I created some buttons in JavaScript and then specified file names for their icons.  Now, when I go back to the Button Properties dialog for these buttons, specifically the Options tab, it doesn't tell me the names of the files I originally specified for the icons.  The "Label" field is blank.  It would really be helpful if the "Label:" field would specify, by default, the file name of the CURRENT icon associated with the button I'm looking at.


      The Button Properties dialog does display a very small image of the icon in the "Icon:" box but that image isn't sufficient for me to figure out the original file name of the icon.


      If I click "Choose icon...", it seems to show the last icon file I selected (which is of no help), not the file name of the icon whose properties I'm looking at.


      Is there some way look at a button's properties and determine what icon file has been associated with the button?  Again, the small image in the "Icon:" box is of no help.


      Thanks for your help with this question.