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    RH9 activation?


      I’ve just inherited a copy of RoboHelp 9 from the previous technical writer who worked at our company a few years ago.

      The computer she was using has long since been reformatted, etc.

      I installed on a new computer, loaded the original serial number - and it was accepted.


      However, when I’m asked to activate or enter my Adobe ID, the screen says “Network error. Please try again later” – even though I have full access to the internet.


      I am on a Windows 7 Pro OS, and using Office 2010 (WORD) as my documentation development environment.

      I also installed the 9.0.2 update – are there any more recent ones?


      It looks like I can still work with the program, but when I generate a Webhelp test file and try a preview, all I get is a flickering line at the top of the screen.

      I would appreciate some help getting straightened out.



      Leybl Botwinik, Documentation manager

      Evolven Software.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don’t think there were any more for RH9, but you can check the Adobe downloads page directly to see. However, you biggest problem is that RH9 is really, really old now & hasn’t been patched for browser security updates that are killing your WebHelp. There are band-aid measures that can be done to RH10 generated WebHelp, but the real solution is to upgrade to RH2015.

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            LeyblB Level 1

            Thanks Jeff.

            I've had IT prepare a virtual machine with Windows 7 and Office 2007.

            I've reinstalled there and it seems to be working.

            I still can't contact Adobe via RH9 - it gives me a "Can't connect to Network" error - so my installation may freeze up whenever the licensing timeout mechanism kicks in... but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

            Be well.

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              Gravenstein Level 2

              You may be able to get RH9 activated by calling Adobe Support. I ran into something like that before, and they were able to help.