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      AfterEffectsCC2015(13.7)において、After Effects CC/環境設定/プレビュー/GPU情報     に画像の様にCUDAの情報が記載されておらず、レイトレースでGPUが選択できない。という問題です。AfterEffectsCC2015上で、GPUを有効にするにはどうすれば良いで しょうか? 回答お待ちしております。


      スクリーンショット 2016-01-31 21.37.01.png


           - MacBook(Early 2015)

           - OSX El Capitan(10.11.3)

           - プロセッサ Intel Core M

           - メモリ 8GB

           - CUDAドライバ(7.5.25)インストール済み

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have an NVIDIA GPU then check the box that says enable unsupported GPU.


          If you do not have an NVIDIA GPU then you must uninstall the CUDA driver or nothing is going to work correctly. You will just have to live with a very slow interface and slow rendering.


          Ray-traced rendering is no longer being supported or being developed because NVIDIA changed direction in their development and abandoned the system AE was using for Ray-traced rendering. Most folks are using C4D-Lite which comes with AE now and gives you a much better 3D saluting inside AE.

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            OZnet Level 1

            I understood it.

            It means that it do not put NVIDIA on MacBook.

            I uninstall CUDA driver and I decide to continue enduring slow processing as it is.


            Thank you for a careful answer.