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    Migration LR catalog

    Gaston Sanchez

      Hi John,

      I have a follow up question. I am subscribed to CC, using both LR and Photoshop, I have my LR catalog and pictures hosted on an external drive and use Time Machine to backup everything on my MacBook, except my externally-hosted LR catalog and the pictures.


      Following your response above, I am planning to signing out/uninstalling/cleaning both CC apps in my old MacBook, after that perform a final Time Machine backup, then use Time Machine to migrate from old to new Mac. Once all that is done, reinstall both CC apps in the new Mac.


      My question is, so for LR in the new Mac to start using my existing catalog, is this just a matter of telling LR to default the catalog to the one on my external drive in Preferences=>General=>Default Catalog?


      Thanks and kind regards,