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    More programmatic opening RAW files in Camera Raw

    maxwyss Level 4

      This answer shows a very elegant way to open RAW files in Camera Raw using JavaScript.


      The problem is that this function only terminates when one of the action buttons in the Camera Raw dialog gets manually clicked.


      In an automated workflow, this can not be accepted.


      In our workflow, we want to force Camera Raw to create the XMP sidecar file, and then open the image. As far as I found, the XMP sidecar file only gets created when the Camera Raw dialog/window is actually opened.


      That means, we are stuck…


      Is there a way to force the creation of the XMP sidecar file in an automated way, without user interaction? Or, is there a trick to get control back from the above mentioned script?


      Any advice is highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Max Wyss.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If a RAW file does not have ACR setting in a Sidecar File or in the Adobe Camera RAW database. You may be able to automate processing it through ACR without opening the ACR dialog. Use ACR Default settings or settings you have.  I think if you look at Adobe's Image Processor Script that ships with Photoshop. It may have the code to do that.  If settings are available via a sidecar file or ACR database I believe they will be used the way the image processor script is coded.



          You may also want to look at the code in the image Processor Pro script the can be downloaded fro the Web.


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            maxwyss Level 4

            Thanks for the lead; I will have a look at those scripts.


            We are also considering to synthesize the XMP sidecar file (based on the metadata available form the image, plus our custom crs: settings).