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    Adobe CS4 Design Premium


      Is there a way I can I find out if the CS4 that I purchased online in 2009 is a one owner?

      I'm currently running this on my macbook and was told it could be used on two systems?

      Is it then possible for someone to have sold to me as NEW and have two owners running on the same serial number?

      I called Adobe and they were not much help with CS4 help.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One way to find out would be to install it on another machine and see if you can activate it.  If you can then you are the only one using the license.  You can then deactivate it so that you retain that second activation for other use if you need a backup.


          It could be possible to sell it to two people, and both would be able to activate it on one machine each... but only one would be likely to be able to register it.  If you were told not to register the software you should have reason to be suspicious.

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