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    publishServiceProvider:getCommentsFromPublishedCollection() - how to attach to existing progress bar?

    flingo Level 1

      Since the getCommentsFromPublishedCollection() may take a while, I would like to show a progess bar for that task.

      I can do this by creating and feeding my own progessScope:

      progressScope = LrProgressScope( {     title = ..., functionContext = context })


      progressScope:setPortionComplete(nProcessed, numPhotos)                           



      but this will create a second progress bar just below the progress bar which is already instantiated by Lightroom when the task starts. The same is true for



      Is there a way to attach to the existing progress bar just in the way you can do it in processRenderedPhotos() via

      local progressScope = exportContext:configureProgress ({title = ...    })