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    Hi all


      Hi all

      I have this HP Z820 workstation. I want to buy graphix video card for 4k video editing  and animation

      , there are some cards in my mind


      GeForce GTX TITAN Z

      GeForce GTX 980 ti

      Quadro 6000

      which one is best for realtime preview editing


      waiting your response

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          your current options for the latest nvidia cards are the titan X, gtx 980 ti, and quadro M6000. they are all somewhat similar, being based off the same maxwell GM200 chip. the titan Z is an older dual gpu chip card. if your software doesn't support dual gpu, it may not fully support the titan Z either. its also often as expensive as buying two titan x's, which would outperform it. the quadro 6000 is pretty old and not really an option as its several times slower than the newer cards.


          the gtx 980 ti can be good value as its alot cheaper than the others with only 10% less cuda cores, but is limited to 6gb of memory. some applications need more than 6gb, i believe most of adobe's do fine with 6gb.


          the titan x and quadro m6000 have the same cuda core count and 12gb memory. the quadro has advanced features often required for cad and scientific programs. video software may only be able to use the 10bit display output of the quadro. for 10bit display, its usually cheaper to buy a display-out card to handle the 10bit and save money with the titan x.