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    I cannot get into creative cloud apps inorder to update lightroom cc 2015 to the 6.4version?

    redfordl2012 Level 1

      I am trying to get into creative cloud apps from my desktop and cannot do this.  When I click creative cloud on my deskttop it gets me into the creative cloud box and then when I check apps the download circle keeps on going around and around but no apps download.  .  I have photoshop cc 2015 installed as well as ltrm cc 2015. How do I get into the apps so I an do can update to latest version of ltrm.   I have windows 7 hp 64 bit.  Thanks!!  Irwin lakin  a few weeks ago this procedure was no problem.  I tried updating lightrm through the help menu on lightroom itself, but the update line was greyed out so I could not get into it.