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    Photos lost after LR mobile sync


      On my trip to NYC last week I uploaded my photos to my iPad (using the potos app) and then into LR mobile for some processing.

      I created two collections, which I kept until I came home. LR Mobile was logged into my Adobe ID, allowing to sync on WiFi.

      Two years ago or so, before I had my full Creative Cloud subscription, I had synched one collection before, but that had been switched off.

      Because I could not remember which catalog contained that collection, I created a new catalog for my NYC photos on my laptop and

      set sync to that catalog, expecting to see my NYC photos appear there. LR told be on both applications that sync was in progress,

      but after waiting for more than an hour, I found my photo's gone.


      LR Mobile replied a successful sync, but my collections were gone.

      LR Laptop indicated that sync was active but showed no results.

      Logging into mobile.loghtroom.com with the same adobe ID gave no results.

      All my changes seem to have disappeared.

      I still have the original photos, but all my edit work seems to be gone.


      Do you have some advise on how to recover, or at least set it up correctly for next time should recovery be impossible.




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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mnieuwenhuis,


          We apologies for the inconvenienced caused you due to the sync process, if you check the recent catalog created on your system you may find all the sync data in it because Lightroom sync your edit and uploads on real time basis, you just need to think and open the same catalog which was opened on the Desktop system when you was on NYC trip. Open Lightroom by holding down Alt or Opt key and it will prompt you all recent catalog opened in Lightroom.