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    Error in Coldfusion scheduler

      I'm running a scheduled job on coldfusion 7.0.2 with a java of 1.4.2_12 and i'm running into issues with the scheduler. One scheduled task of many seems to start failing every time it runs after a morning server reboot at 3 am. The error in the scheduler log is this:

      "Error while executing task Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"
      "Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

      The only explination I have heard of this is authentication or DNS issues. The problem is after we reboot the coldfusion service manually, the process resumes working normally. To me this says it's not an authentication issue or a DNS issue because after the coldfusion reboot, everything is happy and we have other scheduled jobs that require authentication running just fine after the server reboot. Any Ideas?

      BTW, i'm on windows and IIS and only one instance of coldfusion is running. Also i have already checked the directory security multiple times and that is not the issue.

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          topdecker981 wrote:
          > "Error while executing task Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"
          > "Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

          What this error actually means is that when ColdFusion made a HTTP
          request to the web server it never received a HTTP response with a HTTP
          status code.

          A common cause of this can be authentication where the web server says
          I'm not going to respond to you because I do not know who you are. But
          it is not the only reason. Anything the breaks the cycle so that
          ColdFusion does not get a response from the web server will cause this

          It may help to remember that when ColdFusion is doing schedule tasks it
          has a bit of a split personality thing going on. One personality is a
          web client making a request to a web server. Another personality is an
          Application server that responds to requests passed to it by the web
          server. These two personalities often reside inside the same CPU (but
          not necessarily so) and are completely separate from each other.
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            also, in addition to Ian's reply, make sure you allow enough time for
            your server to restart after the reboot before you run your scheduled task.

            if you reboot your server every morning at 3:00AM and have a task
            scheduled to run at 3:01AM your server may not have fully restarted by
            that time. run the task at 3:05 or later instead to be on the safe side.

            Azadi Saryev