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    Actionscript 2.0 simple questions

      First of all, i am not a programmer, I am a designer who has barely used flash since 2002ish. Just wanted to preface.

      My company recently took over a project from another firm and I have been given the privilege of diving through the flash pages to try and make updates and additions.
      Needless to say I seem to have run into a wall, and I think I know why but I want to confirm.

      One of the .FLA files when exported gives a number of compiler error messages, "The class or interface 'com.skellyb.tools.TextBox' could not be loaded.
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          clbeech Level 3
          seems you are either missing one of the classes in the directory structure(eg. TextBox), or the structure is not the same as indicated (eg. com.skellyb.tools), or the class path in the Publish settings points elsewhere.
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            Bj_flash Level 1
            It looks, to me, like your predecessor did not provide all of the necessary and associated .as files. You might try to comment-out the #includes for that file in an attempt to get it to compile while you wait for them to hand over the missing files.
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              VantixSystems Level 1
              Sorry it actually cut off my message. The rest of the message was supposed to be:

              I am assuming that the line of code
              "import com.skellyb.tools.TextBox;"
              is where the problem is.

              I 'assume' that this line means that you are importing from a source folder relative to the .FLA file com/skellyb.tools but I don't have that folder anywhere in my original files from the original company.

              Am I confused, or did the company not give us everything?

              Thanks in advance!
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                clbeech Level 3
                that is correct, on both counts - it seems as though they didn't give you all of the necessary files.

                @bj_flash - very few people use the #include statement anymore as developing class based structures are a better route, additionally, without the class files present it is most likely that the system will not function at all, especially when the class in question is named: "TextBox"