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    News Reel DVD Menu Theme - scene menu gives "menu items overlapping warning"


      Using Premiere Elements 14  on Windows 10. When using the News Reel DVD Menu Theme the Scenes Menu does not function correctly. When a scene marker is added the appropriate  info can be edited and a frame or motion button set. When another scene marker is added any previous buttons cannot be edited. It seems that the size of all the scene selection buttons actually cover the entire screen because clicking on any one of them gives a red outline around the entire screen area. I found documentation describing a similar problem after v13 was released:


      ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE13/13.1: News Reel Movie Menu Theme Unusable


      I don't know if that was the same issue I am having. The problem is I only have Photoshop Elements 14 so I cannot modify the layers. If this is currently showing as an option in  v14 Themes and there was a known problem, then what is the fix? I would appreciate any help with this since I really like the News Reel theme, and apparently haven't spent enough on this "starter" software to actually talk to anyone at Adobe to report a problem with this Theme.