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    Exporting anchored / inline objects - oddities / bugs


      I've upgraded to CC from CS5.5 recently and while on the whole there are some sensible improvements in ePub export, I'm also noticing a few oddities. Previously, when exporting an anchored object, it would sit inside the <p> in the HTML, wherever I put it, as I'd expect. Now, it seems that anchoring an object in a paragraph is ignored, and I end up with it stuck inside two divs either above or below the paragraph in question. One way of getting the image exactly where I expect it is to put it inline / above line, but then inexplicably its class loses the object style I've set and gets an auto-generated one. This is a surely a bug (or extremely idiosyncratic behaviour). Is there any reason why anchored object settings are now ignored like this? I've  relied on them in the past for generating eBooks reliably and using my own custom CSS – for example, I can put images in a paragraph with a style that sets a certain space from the previous para, or that begins a new chapter and is then indexed in the ToC. Anyone else finding this odd / buggy?