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    How do I download "missing codecs" for PRE 12?

    T J Kelly

      I am running Photoshop Elements 12 and Premier Element2 12 and have been for 2 years with no issues.  I just now deactivated PE and PRE versions 9 and uninstalled them.  Now, my Photoshop Elements 12 organizer no longer recognizes the MTS video files I've downloaded from my Sony camcorder.  The thumbnails are gray and when I click on the file, it tells me I am missing the necessary compressor/decompressor files.  However, if I open those same files in Premier Elements 12, they open and run flawlessly.  Since everything was working just fine prior to uninstalling PE 9, I can only assume that that uninstall also removed codecs that PE 12 needs.  How do I get these files back so that organizer will view and open those files?