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    "FlashPro encountered a fatal exception" CS6 error on compiling CC project


      I trialed Flash CC for a month and generated several project files, which I now wish to continue working on. Now I have a full version of Flash CS6 and after building the project Flash CS6 raises the following error:Flash CS6 Compile error.PNG

      Flash then crashes. This issue is 100% reproducible. I have submitted a bug report via Feature Request/Bug Report Form though any solutions or workarounds would be welcome. The log file is attached here, though it was not attached to the bug report as the error requests as there was no option to upload a memory dump/log file. Here is a Dropbox link to a folder containing several memory dumps: Dropbox - FlashPro crash logs.

      Any advice on how to proceed with the reporting of the bug, or how to solve this error?