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    tagged pdf - yellow box pop up issue

    Jayesh_Kumar@int Level 1

      Dear All


      We are creating tagged pdf from InDesign file. We are doing the following activities


      1. Set alternate text for images in InDesign file

      2. Create pdf using Interactive tagged pdf option from inDesign


      when showing the image page, it show yellow box with alternate text. I have attached screenshot for your better understanding


      Our customer statement is highlighted below:


      "The publisher is finding that when they hover over most of the pages, the alt-text pops up in a yellow box. Is there a setting that can change to have that not happen? Some of the text boxes are huge and would be very distracting for the reader."


      "Is it Adobe Feature?"


      Please advice that how to disable the yellow pop box. But alt text should be present in the pdf without pop up message.