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    right workflow After Effects, Premiere, SpeedGrade


      Hi everybody.


      I have some big question on how to use dynamic links between After Effects, Premiere ad SpeedGrade expecially for doing the color.


      I usually start with a pre cut in premiere, without doing any color (talking about lumetri)  and then I export the footage in ae.

      I usually import fotage in Ae doing a simple copy and paste from Pr timeline to Ae.

      I don't like the dynamic links because are big nested comps. In after I usually redo some cuts (cause of client last minute changes) so if I am using dynamics it just doesn't work because the comp is locked.


      Also, assuming that the same thing happens if I create a dynamic links from after to premiere I got this nested comps. So if I want to do some lumetri color using scopes in Premiere I am going to have the same problem.


      So, why we can't get a smart "open" dynamic link?

      Probably my workflow is wrong, but you have to understand that I am doing all my work on my own so I'd like to go back and forth between after and premiere. Usually I apply my color at the end of my work process, after I put graphics, tracked stuff, 3d etc.

      I can't see no use for those dynamics link. They seems to be pretty ankward.


      Can somebody explain me a workflow that doesn't destroy the dynamic process of going back and forth between Pr, Ae, SpeedGrade and so forth?