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    How to get an internal link to work in Fireworks CS4?


      I am using Fireworks CS4 Classroom in the Book (p. 253). I am new to Fireworks.  I set up internal links (hotspots) using the pop-up lists (bottom rows) to link to other pages but when I open the page in a browser and click on the hotspot I get "page not found."  In the address bar I see that the link is trying to go to the following temp file: C:\Users\Jerry\AppData\Local\Temp\FWTemp\wallpaper.htm  How do I get the internal link to work? FYI,all external links to html pages on my computer or on the web work fine. Thanks. Jerry        grhicks@gmail.com


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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          Hi Jerry, and welcome to Fireworks.


          First the bad news: Fireworks was discontinued back in May 2013, and is no longer supported or updated by Adobe. It is effectively a dead application - so you might want to reconsider the amount of time and effort in learning it.


          Second, you should not use Fireworks to create the html. The html output in Fireworks cannot and should not be used in production: it is outdated, and not meant for real-world use. Fireworks is good for web graphics creation, but is unsuitable for web page publishing. Avoid using it for that work.


          If you are looking for a visual tool to do web publishing, I would advice you to check out the following alternatives: Adobe Muse (only available through the full CC subscription) or Xara Designer Pro/Xara Web Designer (available for Windows only). Google Web Designer might also be an option. Only Xara allows for the full process to be integrated like Fireworks. Muse and other tools generally require an image editor/illustration tool to generate graphics.


          To solve your link problem, make certain the links to your local pages are relative. Change those in the code and only keep the wallpaper.htm

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            grhicksz Level 1

            Thank you for your prompt reply and sharing your thoughts.  I pulled up my Fireworks just to use the graphics and then in the tutorial I saw that you could even use it to export to html/css so I continued with the tutorial.  I assume when I type in "wallpaper.htm" that Fireworks automatically makes this a relative link, but that is not happening.  As you can see it wants to find that link in a temporary location.  So how do I make sure the link is "relative" ?  I would like to solve that issue for my self-education.  Thanks again.  Jerry

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              grhicksz Level 1

              HI Herbert!

              I just followed your suggestion re Xara.  I am impressed and will purchase the program.  It is similar to Weebly, but Weebly on steroids.  Thanks.