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    Do I execute LR 6, on my Mac laptop, in a license or free trial mode?



      I'm a beginner on both Mac and LR 6.

      I have bought a LR 6 license and defined the Adobe LR 6 serial number in my Adobe account, Plans and products.

      I have also downloaded LR 6 as a free trial product for 30 days (I guess).

      Now, that I have used the LR product for about 30 days, I suddenly get a message, within the LR screen (top left in yellow) saying that the  free trial period has ended for my LR mobile (?) product.

      I have now updated the product from LR 6.3 to 6.4 and the LR message about the free trial period has gone.


      Now to my question.


      Do I, at present, execute the LR 6.4 product in a license or free trial mode?

      Of course, I don't want to see the "free trial ended" message again.

      Where, within the LR application, can I see what type of mode in running in, licensed or free trial?


      Best Regards