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    Edit visibility using iPad


      The new edits I make on my pdf file are being registered (they show up on an export to Word software) but are not visible on the actual document I'm editing. They disappear immediately on saving.

      (Previous edits are still visible though…)...Any ideas on how to restore this function?


      Using Adobe Acrobat version 15.4.0 on an iPad iOS 9.2.0

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi mra12947539,


          Would like to know where are those files located, are they stored on network drives or local.If they are on network drive,please save them to local & then check.

          Also is this happening with all the documents & using which application those pdf are being created.




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            mra12947539 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response Yatharth, but the files are saved locally. The problem is not happening with all my files: I can see the edits I make to other PDFs. If it is a question of which application created the PDF which has the problem, I think either Word or Acrobat….however previously the edit function has worked with visibility in this same PDF….


            It is my personally created pdf which is the problem!

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              YatharthS Adobe Employee



              Please try to recreate the PDF document using Acrobat, then check if same persist or not .

              for recreating the file , try this :-

              **After opening the file in Acrobat > print> select Adobe PDF Printer & then print the file , it will recreate the file & check with this .




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                mra12947539 Level 1

                Hi Yatharth,

                I recreated the pdf file using Windows on a laptop and emailed it to the iPad. When I open the newer version the edit function responds as it should. it's a big file so printing it as you suggested was not feasible.

                many thanks for the help. I guess that the previous working copy of the file had become somehow corrupted.