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    Building a whole web site in Flex

    Rob Shaver Level 1
      Is it practical to build a whole web site using Flex? Put aside the issues of if a visitor has the right Flash player installed, accessibility and stretchability issues. I know those can be solved. What I want is to never have to worry about broken browsers again (at least for my premium site).

      All the examples of sites build with Flex/Flash have dark backgrounds, gray widgets, etc. Can I really do anything in Flex that anybody else can do with HTML/CSS/JavaScript? Can anyone point me to some all Flex/Flash web sites. (Don't point me to this one. I can't even open it in IE 7.)


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          If you need SEO then an all-Flex site may not be the answer. Supposedly SWF files are now searchable to a degree, but you're not going to achieve true SEO.

          Flex does not support all CSS or all HTML tags in htmlText property, but if SEO is not an issue, you can create a great site in Flex. You could have a Flex app in your site with HTML around it in the wrapper, then you can achieve more in terms of SEO.

          I don't know of any sites entirely in Flex, though I sure others can point some out.
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            robbyk87 Level 1
            I'm in the process of making basically an entire site in flex - not really going for seo though - just a hobby website with login/register/members area/rich text editors/personal details/storage of saved files/published files and browsable and searchable content.

            It's not too bad for it - but you've got to make sure you are not overloading the browser - creationPolicy etc is key - make sure only the thing you want visible is using the computing power. At the moment mines runs at 80-100mb in IE8 using windows7, I've tested it on a p4 1.4ghz with 512mb and XP and it runs very smooth.