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    Isolate Embedded SWF's

    Brent Lamborn Level 2
      I''ve got a flex application that is built like this:

      ---Main Application
      -----------Secondary Application (embedded in main application via SWFLoader)
      -----------Tertiary Application (embedded in secondary application via SWFLoader)

      All 3 applications pull their data from the same web service. In Flex Builder I use the "Data > Import Web Service (WSDL)" to import the WSDL into each application and let Flex Builder generated the proxy classes for the web service.

      Here is the thing that I noticed and would like to solve. Once the main application is deployed with it's embedded applications, they each use the generated classes in the main application, not the ones generated in their own project. This works ok, but it present a bit of an issue when I need to say, only deploy changes to the methods called in the tertiary application. What I end up having to do, is also deploy the main application with an updated WSDL reference since the tertiary app is looking to its classes for the events, methods, etc.

      A similar issue occurs with the CSS in each of the applications.

      Does anyone know how to isolate each of the swf's from one another so the classes and css are only used from within its own project, and not from any "parent" app that might embed it via SWFLoader?