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    Lens Correction and Camera Calibration in Camera Raw


      My copies of Camera Raw for Ps CC and Bridge are fully updated and the web support documents say that my Olympus E5 is supported by these apps. When I attempt to enable auto lens profile corrections in Camera Raw  I receive the warning - 'Unable to locate matching lens profile automatically'. Worse still, the drop down makers list does not even include Olympus. All my images include EXIF information and all my lenses are current Olympus products. I cannot understand why none of the lenses of such a major manufacturer are supported by Camera Raw when, an app such as DxO Optics Pro has profiles for all my lenses.

      There is further problem in Camera Raw with 'Camera Calibration'. When editing .DNG, .TIF and . JPEG files, the camera profile correctly reads 'embedded' for Olympus files. However, when editing .ORF files the camera profile reads 'Adobe Standard' instead of 'embedded'.

      Is there a fix for these problems? I cannot find one on the Adobe website.


      Richard Sharp

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          Richard Southworth Level 3

          Not necessarily problems:


          1. Olympus camera/lens combinations are corrected for distortion inside the camera for jpeg's, and in ACR for raw.  In general no external lens correction profiles are available.


          2. "Embedded" refers to non-raw images loaded into ACR, usually jpeg.  "Adobe Standard" is the base profile provided by Adobe for all supported raw formats.  Adobe will also attempt to provide camera matching profiles, i.e. "neutral", "portrait", etc., for selected cameras.


          Richard Southworth