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    transparent lines fading more over object

    ceilr Level 1

      I am running CS5 and am having the same problem in both InDesign Illustrator.


      I imported a b&w drawing from Illustrator to ID and then drew a grey X over it to "cross it out."  The X looks fine on the screen (see below), but when I print (and the document it is part of will be printed ), the part of the drawing that has a gradiant on it fades those parts of the X that are on top of it.  Other parts of the drawing that don't have the gradiant look fine.

      Screenshot 2016-02-01 09.41.05.png


      I have tried drawing the X in the Illustrator file but after placing in ID, I get the same fading.  Then I created a new layer in ID and placed the X on that layer.  It still fades over the gradiant.


      I made sure that the X is on top of the illustration, not under it.  As I had made the Color palette setting for the X to 60%, I changed it to 100% to let the transparency dialog box do all the work.  It still fades.

      Hopefully there is some trick out there, because I have tried everything I can think of to work around this.


      Fwiw, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7, and printed copies of this drawing when running on both systems printed the fading.  I didn't notice this until today.


      Thank you for your help.

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          ceilr Level 1

          I just now printed the above post to see what the screenshot would do with the X.  (Sorry, couldn't edit the post.)  Save your trees: the X is consistent in grayscale!  Maybe that's a clue?  Should I dump this illustration in Fireworks or something and then import it to ID?

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            Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

            Make sure the document color space and everything you place as art in the document have the same colorspace. Look at InDesign's Edit menu > Transparency Blend Space and make sure you choose either RGB or CMYK and that placed graphics are the same sort of color model.

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              ceilr Level 1

              I changed the Illustrator drawing, with X over it, to CMYK, as that is what's used in the ID doc.  The X shade over the gradiant is darker than it was before, but still not the same shade as the rest of the X.  I can probably live with this(don't know about my readers!), but wonder if there is anything else I can try?


              I just now thought to print the drawing from Illustrator, and the grayscale contrast in the X is showing up there.  I will go to the Illustrator forum and see if someone there has any more ideas.  I'll post links here to anything more that I find over there.  Thank you.