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    Lightroom randoming erasing files all of a sudden


      I'm using Lightroom 6.0 on a windows 7 PC, importing Canon CR2 files.  I'm not converting them to DNGs,

      but using he XMP "sidecar" system.  As of Jan 30th 2016, when I import CR2s, the folder containing the CR2s is suddenly empty. 

      The files are there prior to importing them into Lightoom.  Somehow, Lightroom can access the files, but I can't see them.  The operating

      system displays the folders in question as being empty. 


      I've already tried viewing hidden files within those folders, and checked the system trash can,  In one case, I imported new CR2 files, and when

      I exported I JPEG from the newly imported CR2 into a folder containing other JPEGS, the existing JPEGS all got erased.  I was using Lightroom

      for months, without any sort of problems like this.