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    Copying selected masks and paste in same layer


      I've been a hardcore Vegas fan until I started playing with After Effects and Premiere Pro about a week ago, so I still have a ton of questions.


      So, what I've been wondering about is how does people do selection etc. in after effects? I know how masking via the roto brush works, aswell as with the pen tool, but I can't figure out how to select parts of the clip and then repaste it in the same clip again.


      Have a look at this one: AMV Breakdown: Waifu Insurance - YouTube


      he's doing everything in after effects, and I need to be able to do the same to make sure my scenes are good looking. He makes his own scenes to fit the video he's making, so if anyone has a guide on where I should begin, that would be awesome. Remember, a bit beginner friendly, I don't understand too many fancy after effects words just yet