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    paste in place

    BIPC Jeff Sydor Level 1

      I have a 50 page document that was given to me and they want a link back to the table of contents page. When I create the link once and choose copy/paste, it pastes in the center of each page, not where it was and I don't see a paste in place option like I would expect from InDesign. How can I do this without pasting and manually aligning with each page?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no such option in Acrobat, but if you use a button field instead of

          a link you'll be able to duplicate it across multiple pages, at exactly the

          same location.


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            BIPC Jeff Sydor Level 1

            Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. It's odd that this duplicate function isn't available for other things too.


            I ended up adding the text in as a new footer element and then adding the button on top of each.

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              AndyQ Level 1

              Acrobat X would "paste in place" by default and I'm still using it since DC now offsets pasted content. Most of the time I'm trying to paste in letterhead elements so I want them to appear in exactly the right place. It's irking me that when Adobe make changes they don't consider that perhaps the previous behaviour was useful. It's not hard to make a freakin' option for this stuff - why not follow the lead of Illustrator and Indesign and other apps and provide "paste-in-place" as well as just "paste", or even paste-front/paste-back? ARGH!

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                wendywb Level 1

                I just found something that worked for me!  (I'm pasting parts of one page into parts of another page, about 200 times, for 15 documents, so I can't use buttons or replace pages). Holding SHIFT while pasting also did not work for me. I was still getting the offset problem.


                The solution: Instead of using the Content Editing > Edit Text & Images tool, use the Print Production > Edit Object tool. Select it in both documents. Then select individual/multiple objects or your whole page, copy, then paste into your other document as usual, and it pastes IN PLACE. SO RELIEVED!


                If you don't have the Print Production drop down group in your Tools sidebar, as my coworker didn't, you can find the tool by right-clicking the main toolbar across the top, select Edit Current Tool Set > Print Production > Edit Object and hitting the green + button. The quick tool looks like a blue box with a black arrow on top and it'll appear in your toolbar at the top of the page.


                Using this tool instead of Edit Text & Images also solves another new issue I was having since the most recent update, wherein it was rearranging the order of my text boxes with my images. So it looks fine in the document I was copying from, but when pasting to a new document it obscures all or part of one text box by bringing a background image to the front. The only way to solve was by selecting the edges of the text box (very finicky to do, lots of stuff in that area), then right-clicking and bringing to front. 200 times. Over 15 documents.

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                  AndyQ Level 1

                  Genius. It works. Thanks. If "Print Production" tools are not listed in the Tools Sidebar they can be added there by clicking the "Tools" menu then going down to the  "Protect & Standardize" section (an odd classification) and setting  "Print Production" to "Open" from the drop down list. Not very intuitive, but Acrobat never has been.

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                    brucew61776494 Level 1

                    very useful, thank you very much.  The paste in place option should be better positioned within all edit tools. Only took me 3hr to find this successful work around. Much love to WendyWB

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                      Intared Level 1

                      I can't believe that there is no paste in place option or shortcut.


                      I mean seriously. I don't believe it. I saw this and spent more time searching elsewhere to no avail.


                      I'm stunned.


                      Adobe, you've done this in every other app you make, you know what it is. It's been around for years - can you just add it please.