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    ColdFusion generated PDF rendering mojibake for latin 1 character


      I am having trouble getting the latin character "ä" display correctly in the pdf generated from coldfusion code. I get "ä" instead of "ä" I am setting cf processing directive to UTF-8. I can hardcode "&auml" and get the "ä" character displaying correctly in the pdf, so the pdf can handle displaying the character. Most posts refer to a mismatch of encoding that is causing this mojibake, but I can't see where there is any mismatch. The value being used as input into the pdf document is coming from a form (cold fusion) that takes user input and the form tag in cf code has this property set: accept-charset="utf-8" On the input form and in the cfm file handling the submit, the processing directive is set to UTF-8.

      If anyone has any suggestions... thx -mike