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    Unable to publish

    Patty K Breeze Level 1

      I am using Windows 10 and PPT 2016, and just installed Presenter 11 on my own personal computer. I am getting a message that Adobe Presenter is unable to publish this presentation, that I should check if there is enough disk space (there is plenty) and check if I have appropriate permissions to the folder. I own this computer - there is not other owner or admin. This program is so frustrating.


      What else should can I check to get this to work?



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          Patty K Breeze Level 1

          So, after many hours of trying to get Presenter 11 to publish, and 2 hours online with Adobe support in India, I was finally informed that Adobe is aware of compatibility issues between PPT 2016 and Presenter 11. I have canceled that subscription since I am not able to use it, and Adobe could not tell me when that issue might be resolved.


          My question to Adobe is: how will I know when it is resolved, especially since I haven't seen anything published about the incompatibility problem?

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            Mr. JP

            This is the second post I have read which I am having the same issue but, I am using Windows 7 and Office 2010.

            Adobe has not answered the previous post either.


            Presenter 8.1 worked fine. Now upgraded to version 11 having nothing but problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              philipw15367395 Level 1

              I have been having the same issues with Presenter 11 error "unable to publish..." It happened in Windows 7 and continued when I upgraded to Windows 10 with a clean install. I've tried all the clearing the Windows temp folders and creating a new user which did not work for me - only recreating the file from scratch worked. The below solution has worked for me on one PowerPoint.


              Solution: Change PowerPoint saving format (not file type)


              Go to PowerPoint Options --> Save --> Save presentations --> Save files in this format -->

              Select  "Open Document Presentation" from the drop-down. Files still appear to save with a PPTX extension (instead of .odp)