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    Music visualization. Time remapping problem!


      Hey everybody. I've been playing with music visualization on after effects a bit and am now in a bit of a pickle. Many music publishing channels have visualizations with particles and or animations which change speed depending of the music. I have a copy of Trapcode soundkeys so I can transform the music to keyframes and achieve such animations but here comes my problem.


      If I time remap a composition to play at time*1+input from sound keys after the kick hits animation goes backwards to where it would have been without the kick. Is there a way to make a pre-comp you time remap only go forward? Is there a way to make and expression that checks the value from the last frame or am I way off?


      How do for example Monstercat do their particle background. Is the speed ramping part of the particle generator or is there a way to get a similar effects by time remapping so it could be used on more diverse and interesting effects. All help and answers are greatly appriciated!


      Example video:

      [Electronic] - Stephen Walking - Porkchop Express [Monstercat Release] - YouTube


      Thanks a lot!