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    Nested arrayCollection

    Sankar Kethineni
      Hi All,

      Am using the Advanced DataGrid as an item renderer within an Advanced DataGrid with the static nested arrayCollection as a dataProvider as shown below.

      var initData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      { author:"xxxxx" ,edition:"2nd",publishedDate:"20-03-2003",

      The advantage of this approach is that in the 1st AdvancedDataGrid i will display only the Hierarchical data(depth =1) and in the 2nd AdvancedDataGrid i will show the data whose depth is 2 (data with the childern tag)

      Now the problem is that, how do i construct the dynamic nested ArrayCollection as shown above by using the 2 different arrayCollection objects as shown below

      var authorData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection ([
      {author:"xxxxx" , edition:"2nd",publishedDate:"20-03-2003"} ]);

      var authorData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection ([
      {bookName:"Java",price:"600",pages:"567"} ]);