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    cannot install .zxp file in photoshop cc 2015


      I purchased a water color action and it cannot install the .zxp file.  I am using photoshop cc 2015 and it says I must have photoshop 2014 or newer.

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          sbaechler Level 1

          Most likely the cc2015 version (16) has not been added to the manifest host list. Contact the author of the extension.


          Extensions are signed, so you cannot modify it yourself.

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            still same problem in June, is Adobe asleep, or just doesn't care??

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              Example in ProfileSchoolPanel


              1. The contents of the file with the put in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\ProfileSchoolPanel

              2. In the folder Panel looking for CSXS folder and the file manifest.xml

              3. Open the file in any editor (Notepad is suitable) as administrator. Fix Host Name = \"PHXS\" Version = \"[8.7, 9.9]» Host Name = \"PHSP\" Version = \"[8.7, 9.9]» on Host Name = \"PHXS\" Version = \"[15.0, 9999.0]» Host Name = \"PHSP\" Version = \"[15.0, 9999.0]» (i.e., only the numbers in parentheses)

              4. Check Panel should appear in Photoshop at the usual place in the Window menu-Extensions. But when you try to run will swear that she is not signed.

              5. Run the registry editor regedit and search path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\/Software\/Adobe\/CSXS.6 (if not, create it).

              6. Create a parameter of type string (String) named PlayerDebugMode and value 1.

              Restart Photoshop — the Panel must work. I have everything turned out!